2008年1月30日 星期三

Human tongue served up in hospital 醫院餐廳的菜中竟然有人的舌頭

Authorities in Slovenia are investigating after a piece of human tongue was served up in a hospital canteen.

A doctor at the town hospital in Izola in southern Slovenia complained about the strange looking piece of meat in his meal after he ordered a chicken risotto in the hospital canteen.

The doctor insisted it was not chicken, and after a row with staff the piece of meat was sent for tests - which later showed it was part of a human tongue.

Health inspectors have closed the restaurant and are reviewing hygiene standards.

Managers said the small piece of tongue could have been accidentally dropped into the food by a doctor who had come into the canteen straight after treating a patient.

They also said that it could have been added to the food supplies before they were delivered to the hospital.

The spokesman told the main Slovenian daily paper Delo: "I can say clearly that we have never used patients parts in any of our dishes." (Slovenian Delo)

Boy, 11, who was deaf for NINE years regains hearing... after cotton bud pops out of his ear 英男孩失聰9年 元兇竟是棉球

For nine years, Jerome Bartens had to cope with the handicap of being half deaf.

Ever since he was a toddler, the 11-year-old had been unable to hear anything on his right side and doctors said they were unable to help.

Then suddenly the reason for his problems became clear - when the end of a cotton bud popped out of his ear.

His family believe that he must have poked the bud in the ear at the age of two and the tip must have broken off the plastic stem.

The result was that he has always struggled at school, was constantly forced to turn up the volume of the television and music, and became used to everyone shouting at him.

But now he is waking up to a whole world of noise - while his father Carsten is demanding to know why medical experts failed to identify the problem for so long.

Mr Bartens, 45, told how Jerome was playing with his friends in a church hall when he heard a popping sound in his right ear.

He put his finger in and found the tip of a cotton wool bud.

"It was just incredible - his hearing returned to normal in an instant.

"He was cured as suddenly as he became deaf. I had always suspected Jerome had stuck something in his ear when he was little and that was causing the problem.

"But the doctors and hearing specialists said it was wax and he would probably grow out of it.

"I am amazed they didn't spot something as obvious as a cotton wool bud." (Daily Mail)

2008年1月28日 星期一

World's first oil paintings in Afghan caves 世上第一批油畫位在阿富汗的洞穴中

Forget Renaissance Europe. The world's first oil paintings go back nearly 14 centuries to murals in Afghanistan's Bamiyan caves, a Japanese researcher says.

Buddhist images painted in the central Afghan region, dated to around 650 AD, are the earliest examples of oil used in art history, says Yoko Taniguchi, an expert at Japan's National Research Institute for Cultural Properties.

A group of Japanese, European and US scientists are collaborating to restore damaged murals in caves in the Bamiyan Valley, famous for its two gigantic statues of the Buddha which were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.

In the murals, thousands of Buddhas in vermilion robes sit cross-legged, sporting exquisitely knotted hair.

Other motifs show crouching monkeys, men facing one another or palm leaves delicately intertwined with mythical creatures.

The paintings incorporate a mix of Indian and Chinese influences, and are most likely to be the works of artists traveling on the Silk Road, which was the largest trade and cultural route connecting the East and the West.

The Los Angeles-based Getty Conservation Institute analysed 53 samples extracted from the murals. Using gas chromatography methods, the researchers found that 19 had oil in the paint.

"Different types of oil were used on the dirt walls with such a sophisticated technique that I felt I was looking right at a medieval board painting dating from 14th or 15th century Italy," Taniguchi told AFP.

The discovery would reverse common perceptions about the origins of oil paintings.

The technique is widely believed to have emerged in Europe leading into the Renaissance, which flowered from 1400 to 1600.

Italian artist and architect Giorgio Vasari first wrote of oil painting in his book, "The Lives of the Artists," in the mid-16th century.

Art historians, however, argue that 15th-century Flemish painter Jan van Eyck may have known of the technique because he had developed a stable varnish, although he kept it secret until his death.

"It was very impressive to discover that such advanced methods were used in murals in central Asia," Taniguchi said.

"My European colleagues were shocked because they always believed oil paintings were invented in Europe. They couldn't believe such techniques could exist in some Buddhist cave deep in the countryside," she added.

Painters of the Buddhist murals used organic substances - including natural resin, plant gum, dry oil and animal protein - as a binder, which even today is an important element in paint.

A binder keeps pigment particles together in a cohesive film and allows the paint to resist decay.

The researchers are trying to restore the murals amid international efforts to salvage what is left of Bamiyan.

The Taliban, ignoring global protests, dynamited the two 1,500-year-old statues, the world's biggest representations of the Buddha, in March 2001, branding them un-Islamic idolatry.

The regime was ousted later that year in a US-led military campaign after the September 11 attacks on the United States.

Although oil was used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, there currently exist no examples of their use in painting. The oil was used for medicine, cosmetics or to coat boats, Taniguchi said.

Taniguchi hopes the advanced techniques used to analyse the murals would be put to use in ruins of other ancient civilisations.

Other early civilisations including those in current-day Iran, China, Turkey, Pakistan and India may have used similar techniques as well but their ruins have not been subject to advanced, extensive research, she said.

"In analysing old murals throughout Europe and Central Asia, I look forward to throwing light on the roots of oil paintings," she said. (AFP)

2008年1月27日 星期日

Plastic surgery patients want Angelina's lips 安潔莉娜裘莉的嘴唇是整型美容者的最愛

Eyes like Katie Holmes, the sultry pout of Angelina Jolie and a body like Jessica Biel make the perfect woman -- at least in the opinion of plastic surgery patients in Beverly Hills.

The specific attributes of the three actresses topped the list of the annual "Hollywood's Hottest Looks" survey released on Thursday by The Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery.

According to doctors Richard Fleming and Toby Mayer their clients ask for plastic surgery not to look exactly like a specific star, but to replicate a distinct feature of various celebrity faces and bodies.

The most requested look-alike female nose was that of "Grey's Anatomy" star Katherine Heigl, while actress Keira Knightley was tops in the cheek department, and Paris Hilton had the most sought-after skin.

The features most desired by men were Leonardo DiCaprio's nose, footballer David Beckham's body and the blue eyes of the latest James Bond actor, Daniel Craig. George Clooney's cheeks and Matt Damon's lips also got top billing.

"Our patients continue to turn to Hollywood to raise their standard of beauty," said Fleming. "Our patients want to look rested, energetic and, most of all, youthful like the celebrities they see in glossy magazines." (Reuters)

2008年1月25日 星期五

Dita von Teese is the new face of Wonderbra 美國著名脫衣舞孃黛塔范提思將代言「神奇胸罩」

Burlesque star Dita von Teese will be the new face of Wonderbra, the lingerie brand has announced.

The performer is also designing her own limited edition collection of Wonderbra underwear.

Her designs will draw on 1940s lingerie styles and vintage underwear fashion.

She will model the new collection for a Wonderbra photo shoot in Paris in the next few weeks.

"I really hope that with this new range I can share my passion for sensual, wearable lingerie that will add a touch of glamour to people's everyday lives," von Teese said.

Wonderbra by Dita von Teese will hit stores in the UK and France in September. (China Daily)

2008年1月24日 星期四

Madonna's stubbly-looking legs 瑪丹娜佈滿皺摺的雙腳

Madonna revealed a pair of stubbly, rumpled legs of her as she left a party at Claridges Hotel in central London on January 22.

It was not the first time that the 49-year-old pop queen has been photographed the signs of aging. She was previously seen the wrinkled and vein-ravaged hands and two black eyes.(Daily Mail)

2008年1月23日 星期三

Man writes with his eyes 大陸男子用眼睛寫書法

Xiang Chen is an incredible man who can do… well… some incredible things.

Chen, from the Hunan province, can write amazing calligraphy with his eye. He can hold paint brushes, some as big as 4.4 pounds like in the picture below, under his eyelid and literally write and paint with his eye.

34 year-old Chen discovered his eyes were different from those of other people when he was 16.

He came home one day, from his construction work, and surprised to see that both of his eyes were full of sand and yet he didn’t feel any discomfort or pain.

Chen even tried poking sticks into his eyes but all he felt was a minor itchy sensation and it actually felt relaxing and good to him.

Apart from just painting and writing, Chen can also hold a stick in his eye and play the piano.

Doctors have checked Chen out and say that his eyes are not different than anyone else’s. (weirdasianews.com)

2008年1月22日 星期二

'Theft-proof' police car stolen 「防竊」警車被偷

A high tech, theft-proof £75,000 police car was stolen in Berlin - after officers left it unlocked with the key in the ignition.

The special BMW, which features high-tech surveillance equipment and sophisticated electronic locks and immobilisers to make it theft proof, was the pride of the Berlin police force.

But it was stolen in the city's Wedding district when two officers jumped out to chase a joy-rider on foot after he had abandoned a stolen car.

The criminal got away and when the officers went back they found the expensive BMW gone.

The pair are facing disciplinary action. Police chiefs say they have no leads on who may have stolen the car and are still looking for it.

2008年1月21日 星期一

10 million dollar note issued in Zimbabwe 辛巴威發行面額1千萬元紙鈔

Almost everybody’s having a dream of being a billionaire, but lacking of the brain of Bill Gates, Lauren Buffet, Sergey Brin, or Larry Page, there is no way to let you become such a rich man. However, now the opportunity seems to have come--go to Zimbabwe, a country where more than 20% of its population infected HIV/AIDS, with all of my belongings about 40,000 USD!

Thanks to the leadership of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe now is the world's highest inflation rate, officially estimated at 25,000 percent annually (the real inflation may be closer to 150,000 percent).

In an effort to end chronic cash shortages and long, chaotic lines at banks and automated teller machines, Zimbabwe's central bank, Reserve Bank issued a note with the 10 million denomination (picture above), along with 1 million and 5 million Zimbabwe dollars bills.

The new 10 million note is the equivalent of about US $4 at the dominant black market exchange rate. So by changing my 40,000 USD to the local currency, you could instantly become a 'real' billionaire by owning 10,000,000,000 Zimbabwean dollars! But with this money, I can only buy around 13,333 hamburgers there. (AP/Reuters&Random Citations)

World's first transparent toaster 世上第一台透明烤麵包機

Burnt toast could soon be a thing of the past thanks to the world's first transparent toaster.

The new concept glass toaster, which lets you see your bread as it browns, is from product developer Inventables.

The idea is based on transparent heating glass technology and the idea is that the glass heats up enough to toast the bread.

It means people can keep their eye on their breakfast and eject the slice at the moment it turns the perfect colour.

This would eradicate the need to put the bread back down and run the risk of having to scrape burnt toast.

However, a traditional timer dial is still incorporated into the design, for people who are too busy to keep an eye on their bread.

A downside to the current design is that it only fits one piece of bread at a time. (Ananova.com)

2008年1月18日 星期五

New palm tree species found in Madagascar 馬達加斯加發現新棕櫚樹品種

A new species of giant self-destructing palm was found in Madagascar by botanists from Kew Gardens of London. Scientists believe it is possible that the palm has quietly gone through a remarkable evolution since Madagascar split with India some 80m years ago.

The tree, which only exists in the remote north-west of the island country in Indian Ocean, is 20m (60ft) high with leaves 5m (16ft) long, the tallest tree of its type in the country, and has a lifespan of around 100 years.

In the living memory, the tree was never seen blossoming not until 2007. But botanist only found that the tree expends so much energy on flowering that it eventually collapses and dies.

The palm has been named Tahina spectabilis, which is Malagasy for "blessed" or "to be protected". It is also one of the given names of Anne-Tahina Metz, the daughter of Xavier Metz, a Frenchman who manages a cashew plantation in remote northwestern Madagascar and discovers the palm in 2006. (BBC)

2008年1月17日 星期四

A queer fish 怪魚

Is it a fish? Or perhaps it’s a crocodile? This odd looking critter (which has the mouth of a crocodile and the body of an arowana fish) was found - almost dead - by an Indian during the recent floods. An eyewitness took a photo of it and then spread the picture using his cell phone. Some people say that it’s a saltwater fish. (Sin Chew Daily)

2008年1月16日 星期三

Young Brits can't boil an egg 英國年輕人不會煮蛋

Nearly half of young adults in Britain don't know how to boil an egg, according to a new survey.

Only 51% of 18 to 24-year-olds knew it took three minutes to soft-boil an egg, reveals the poll to mark Farmhouse Breakfast Week.

One in 20 thought it took 10 minutes while 15% had no idea. Overall, 65% of the 1,950 adults questioned got the cooking time right.

British chef Brian Turner said preparing a healthy cooked breakfast was a basic skill and the findings of the survey were a cause for concern.

He said: "This survey shows just how far people have lost touch with Britain's food heritage and that many aren't capable of boiling an egg or grilling bacon or cooking sausages correctly."

World's first playable ice piano 世上第一架可彈奏的冰鋼琴

A Chinese city has made the world's first playable ice piano.

The ice piano, designed and built by a local landscaping company, was unveiled at the 20th International Snow-Sculpture Art Expo in Harbin city.

The piano, standing on a stage before the highest snow sculpture, can automatically play more than 30 classic piano pieces.

And tourists can play the piano themselves, reports People's Daily.

The landscaping company says the piano is mostly ice, and will melt as the weather gets warmer. (People’s Daily)

2008年1月15日 星期二

Mother and daughter acquainted for 20 years without realizing they are family 兩女子相識20年竟不知她們是母女

Despite having met and known each other at church for more than 20 years, a mother and her daughter failed to realize they were related.

Mute daughter Tan Baoyu (name transliterated) had been placed under the care of others since she was a child. It was only when she had trouble applying for her MyKad (a national identity card for Malaysian citizens) and went in search of her biological mother that she discovered that the woman who had given birth to her had been by her side all along.

31 years ago, her biological mother Xie Yazhu (name transliterated) – who is also mute - conceived a child with an Indian man and gave birth to Baozhu. Baozhu’s father abandoned them, and because she was unable to bring up Baozhu on her own, Yazhu left her under the care of a Chinese couple.

Since her foster parents did not go through a formal adoption process when they took in Baozhu, she had not been able to apply for a MyKad when she was 12. She had to rely on a temporary IC when she took tests, attended interviews and registered her marriage.

After four months of searching, her foster mother Zheng Yarong (name transliterated) successfully tracked down Baozhu’s biological mother. After DNA analysis confirmed Baozhu’s relation to her birth mother, the National Registration Department finally issued a MyKad to Baozhu.

Ever since she was little, Baozhu had a habit of going to church to pray, and her biological mother was a member of that church’s congregation, so the two of them had actually known each other for more than 20 years. (AFP)

2008年1月12日 星期六

Chicken survives two days in freezer 雞關在冰箱兩天後還活著

A Chinese man took a chicken out of the freezer after two days - and was shocked to find it was still alive.

Gan Shugen, of Chengdu city, says the hen was a gift from a relative, reports Chengdu Evening News.

It was wrapped in a thick plastic bag with its legs bound so, assuming it was dead, Gan put it straight in the freezer.

But two days later, when Gan opened the freezer, he was amazed by what he saw.

"I heard weak sounds, and when I opened the bag, a red head popped out," he said. "It was still warm, and when I removed the tape, she could stand."

Gan says the bag also contained a big chunk of frozen excrement.

Li Fazhi, of the Chinese Association of Animal and Veterinary Sciences, said he was mystified.

"If the hen was locked in a fridge, that's still amazing; but if she survived in a freezer for two days, that's magic," he said.

Gan locked the hen into the freezer again for more than 20 minutes, when a local TV station came for an interview, and the hen still came out alive.

But the bird's tribulations are now over - Gan says he will not eat the chicken but look after it in his home. (Chengdu Evening News)

Pope backs football 教宗支持足球

The Pope says football has a crucial role to play in teaching young people the important lessons of life.

Pope Benedict XVI says the beautiful game could teach youngsters about honesty, solidarity and fraternity.

But he also raised concerns about corruption damaging the image of the game, reports the BBC.

The German-born pontiff, said to be a Bayern Munich fan, was meeting Italian football officials.

"I'd like the game of football to be a vehicle for the education of the values of honesty, solidarity and fraternity, especially among younger generations," he said.

Italian football has been embarrassed by a string of investigations into corruption and match-fixing allegations in recent years.

And the League has been suspended twice in successive seasons as the Federation tries to combat a spate of hooliganism.

It is the second time this season that the Vatican has turned its attention to football. In October, the Vatican sporting club announced it was joining forces with AC Ancona, a team in the second division, Serie B.

Since then, they have introduced a new code of ethics. There are now cheaper seats for families and club players who were booked for unsporting behaviour are subject to tough new sanctions. (BBC)

2008年1月11日 星期五

Men pushed corpse on office chair 兩男用辦公椅推著友人屍體過街去兌現支票

Two men have been arrested in New York for wheeling a dead friend through the streets in an office chair and trying to cash his cheque.

David Dalaia and James O'Hare, were seen pushing Virgilio Cintron's body from their Manhattan apartment to a cheque-cashing store a block away.

"Hell's Kitchen has a rich history but this is one for the books," police spokesman Paul Browne told the New York Times.

"The witnesses saw the two pushing the chair with Cintron flopping from side to side and the two individuals propping him up."

The men left Cintron's body outside the store, went inside and tried to cash his cheque, worth about £180.

The store's clerk, who knew Cintron, asked the men where he was, and O'Hare told the clerk they would go and get him, Browne said.

Meanwhile, a police detective having lunch at a restaurant next door noticed a crowd forming around Cintron's body.

The detective called uniformed New York Police Department officers who arrested Dalaia and O'Hare at the store.

Cintron's body was taken to a hospital morgue. The medical examiner's office told police it appeared Cintron, 66, had died from natural causes.

Dalaia and O'Hare, both 65, were being held by police and faced cheque fraud charges. (New York Times)

2008年1月10日 星期四

Bond girl Olga's racy past is revealed 新龐德女郎蔻瑞蘭柯的放浪史曝光

New Bond girl Olga Kurylenko has a racy past - she once stripped off for a bondage scene in erotic thriller Le Serpent.

Kurylenko and British newcomer Gemma Arterton have been chosen as the sexy sidekicks for Daniel Craig's James Bond in the forthcoming movie.

Unknown Ukrainian model-turned-actress Kurylenko has beaten scores of Hollywood stars to land the female lead in the new film.

Kurylenko will be well-prepared for any love scenes with Craig after appearing full-frontal nude in 2006 movie Le Serpent.

In the Eric Barbier movie, Kurylenko plays a model who gets caught up in a blackmail plot.

In her careers as a top European model, Kurylenko has appeared in numerous advertising campaigns for such designers as Kenzo, Helena Rubenstein and Just Cavalli. Her magazine covers include US Glamour, French Elle and Marie Claire.

Kurylenko recently starred in the movie Hitman with Elijah Wood and also in a segment of the movie, Paris Je T'Aime.

A mere six months after graduating from Rada, 21-year-old Arterton has been named as MI6 agent in the movie, codenamed Bond 22. (Daily Mail)

Graphic: Olga's character in Le Serpent is involved in risque bondage scenes

2008年1月9日 星期三

Jessica Alba covers ELLE Magazine February 2008 潔西卡艾芭是「她」雜誌2月號封面女郎

Jessica Alba, the 27-year-old Fantastic Four (驚奇四超人) and Sin City (萬惡城市) star, who was recently confirmed engaged to film producer boyfriend Cash Warren while she is pregnant with their first child, is the February 2008 cover girl for ELLE Magazine.

2008年1月8日 星期二

Nicole Kidman confirms pregnancy 妮可基證實懷孕

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban are expecting their first child, her rep confirms.

"The couple are thrilled," Catherine Olim says in a statement.

For Kidman, 40, this will be her third child. She and her former husband, Tom Cruise adopted two children during their marriage: Isabella, now 15, and Connor, 12.

As for where Kidman and Urban, 40, who will be a first-time parent, may bring up their impending arrival, the couple, though both from Down Under, purchased a farm near Leipers Fork, Tenn., a half-hour southwest of Nashville, in 2007.

The couple, who have been married 18 months, wed, after a yearlong courtship, on June 25, 2006, in a candlelit ceremony at Sydney, Australia's Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel on St. Patrick's Estate at Manly. Guests at the black-tie event included Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts and Rupert Murdoch.

Before the couple even started dating, Kidman made her desire for more children clear. In April 2005, she told reporters that her biological clock was ticking. "I have got hormones running through my system," she said. "That is why I sit wriggling, saying I want to have a baby." (People) -- BDV-112980-BDV

Funny singing and dancing 有趣的歌舞表演

This has been pretty popular on the web and we wanted to make sure all of our World's Kaleidoscope readers had the chance to enjoy it.

2008年1月7日 星期一

Praying before snacking on a chicken wing 吃辣雞翅前先祈禱吧

A Chicago tavern said on Thursday it will begin selling chicken wings coated in one of the world's hottest peppers -- a dish so hot that patrons first have to sign a waiver agreeing not to sue for injuries.

Jake Melnick's Corner Tap said the wings made with Red Savina pepper will be served with an alarm bell for patrons to summon waiters with sour cream, milk sugar and white bread if things get out of hand.

Levy Restaurants, which owns the tavern, said its chef d'Cuisine Robin Rosenberg had been working on the concept for years but was never sure he'd be able to serve it.

"This isn't the right sauce for everyone, but for someone out there, this is going to be absolute heaven. Of course, for a handful of people, it's going to be hell," he said. (Reuters)

(Left)Wingbowl participant Elliott "Wing Tut" Maruffi-Cowley grimaces as he holds down chicken wings after the second round during the 14th annual Wingbowl event in Philadelphia, February 3, 2006.

2008年1月5日 星期六

Soldier had 4ins needle in stomach - for 16 years 10公分長手術針在老兵肚裡待了16年

A Croatian soldier who suffered years of stabbing stomach pains has had a four-inch needle removed from his stomach.

The needle remained in Toma Zupan's stomach for 16 years after it was forgotten when army doctors saved his life in a battlefield operation.

He had been seriously injured in 1991 during the civil war that began the break up of the former Yugoslavia.

And incredibly the mistake was never discovered until recently, despite frequent trips to doctors to complain about the problem.

In the end an x-ray at the local hospital revealed the needle in the stomach of Zupan, from Gospic in central Croatia.

The old soldier, now 73, said: "Normally I would have blamed the doctors for the mistake they made back then but at that time but they saved my life when they operated on me - so I'll not be taking the matter further." (Ananova.com)

2008年1月4日 星期五

3 vehicles with identical license plate numbers stop at same station for fuel 3部車牌號碼相同的車子同時停在同一加油站加油

What an extraordinary coincidence! Three vehicles with the same license plate number stopped for fuel at the same petrol station at eight in the morning on Monday (December 31st, 2008).

Chen Baozhu (name transliterated) went to the petrol station in his lorry, while Guang Ming Daily reporter Tan Shaolai (name transliterated) rode in on his motorcycle. Gu Guangming (name transliterated) completed the trinity when he drove up with his Proton car. The license plate numbers for all three vehicles were the same - 1108.

The three unanimously said that they had gone to the station to fill up their tanks because they had heard rumours that there would be a price hike for petrol on Tuesday (January 1st, 2008).

Since there would be a special Toto lottery on New Year’s Day, the three decided to buy tickets for the number “1108”. However, the trio were out of luck as the number had already been sold out on December 27th, 2007. (Guang Ming Daily)

2008年1月3日 星期四

Eddie Murphy married Tracey Edmonds 艾迪墨菲娶妻崔西艾德蒙

Eddie Murphy & Tracey Edmonds picture

Tracey Edmonds has married to funny man Eddie Murphy! The couple was married on New Year's Day on a private island off Bora Bora in French Polynesia in front of 25 friends and family.

Walking barefoot down the aisle to Gladys Knight's Making of You, Edmonds wore a gown by stylist and designer Sugia Nazel and Jill Baracci, while Murphy was in a cream suit.

This is the second marriage to both of Edmonds, 40, and Murphy, 46.

Eddie Murphy & Nicole Mitchell wedding picture

Eddie Murphy divorced his first wife Nicole Mitchell in 2007 after 13 years of marriage and five children, while Tracey Edmonds split from R&B singer Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds in October 2005 also after 13 years and two kids.

Murphy who starred in The Shrek once dated Spice Girl Melanie Brown, but split when Mel. B was six months pregnant with his daughter Angel Iris, who was born in April 2007. (People & Daily Mail)

2008年1月2日 星期三

Man commits crime to escape nagging wife 上海男子一夜搶劫三次 只為入獄躲妻子

A man from Shanghai has been constantly blamed and harassed by his wife for not making enough money. He finally decided to rob people just so he could go to jail and avoid his wife’s nagging abuse.

29 year-old Linghua Wang works as a technician. He and his wife Xiao Feng have been married for nine years and have one daughter. Everyone knows Wang is a good father and husband, but his wife is not happy that he’s making so little money, and so she verbally abusing him by calling him names and making fun of him.

At first, he tried not going home to avoid his wife’s nagging but that didn’t work. Finally, he just couldn’t take it anymore. He walked in to the police station and lied that he robbed someone and ask to be taken to the jail. The police did not believe his story and refused to arrest him, so he decided to rob someone for real.

He pointed a toy gun at a taxi driver, told him that he’s a fugitive and demanded the driver’s money. The driver then screamed, which scared Wang away.

After his failed attempt, he tried again with a young couple. The young couple turned out their pockets and showed they had no real money. Wang desperately turned to a woman who was passing by and the woman replied calmly, “You can shoot me, but I only got 3 bucks”.

Wang, frustrated with failure, gave up, but was soon arrested for his many attempts.

“I intentionally kept doing this because that gives me enough evidence to be arrested so I can go to jail and not have to face my wife again.”

Wang is so afraid of his wife he cannot even ask for a divorce. Instead he chose to break the law and go to jail.

He was sentenced to four years for intentional robbery, but at least he is finally free from his wife.

In China, Shanghai men are well known as “Pa Lao Po”, which means “afraid of wives”. Shanghai women are the dominant ones in the family. (Weirdasianews.com)